Welcome to rdlBNC !

Welcome to our website!

Please pardon our dust. We have changed owners, and are re-working the site. We hope to provide BNCs soon! Keep checking our twitter and this site to be the first one on the block with a RDL BNC.

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  • 100% FREE Bouncer!
  • Works on any major and popular IRC Network!
  • No limit to how many channels you can join!**
  • A Control Panel to customize your bouncer as you like
  • Modules for auto-away, auto-auth, keep nick, auto-rejoin and many more!
  • **Your client or chosen IRC server may limit your channels. We ourselves do not.

About Us

rdlBNC is a free IRC Bouncer provider. Many other companies make you pay for this simple thing, which is of extremely little cost to them - but not us. Here it is 100% free, forever!

rdlBNC is a free service, although we always welcome donations to help us improve our services and buy better equipment, to provide a more reliable service. Please help us if you can!

Technical Stuff

Coming soon!